AEG Laundry Patrol - product sampling outside the box

Gathering feedback the roadshow way

Our client required an innovative solution to collect tester feedback and reviews to meet their goals. The aim was to collect feedback from several testers across the several countries in Europe. To achieve this we drafted and executed the “The AEG Laundry Patrol”. A trailer packed with AEG laundry appliances toured cross campsites where clean clothes are a rarity and washing machines are often a luxury. Participants could wash their clothes for free in exchange for sharing their honest experience with the product. Within two weeks we collected over 150 reviews across countries and appliances. Furthermore, we increased brand awareness and social media appearance among AEG´s target group. 

White goods
Spain, Germany, Netherlands
Sampling & Advisory
Client Review:
"We loved One2Fives creative concept and their smooth execution of this innovative testing project. We collected feedback and reviews and increased awareness among a target group we had challenges to reach before."

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