Contract & Terms

What are the contract terms, including renewal, cancellation, and any fees?

The detailed terms are usually documented in a Statement-of-Work paired by a SaaS contract-based on the final agreed requirements and scope. Services are contracted on an annual or bi-annual basis which is part of the negotiation. Cancellation period for ending all services is generally 6 months’ notice. The services / features / functionalities included are laid out in detail in the proposal and SaaS contract. There are no hidden fees within this. If there is a request which falls outside the agreed proposal, this will be taken transparently on demand, in good time with the client.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on usage that we should be aware of?

There is limitations regarding licenses and copyrght which are stated in the SaaS contract:

The customer receives the non-exclusive right to use the One2Five software from for the duration of the contract. The customer is not entitled to rent, lease or otherwise grant sublicenses.

The customer may not change or remove any existing copyright notices from in the applications, if necessary, also from third parties.

Customer may not use, copy, edit, convert into any other form of expression (“reverse engineer”, “reverse assemble”, “reverse compile”) or any part of the O2F software in any way other than as described herein translated in any other way, unless such a conversion is provided for by express legal regulations.

If the customer provides their own content in One2Five, they will ensure that the content provided there does not violate legal prohibitions, morality and the rights of third parties (brands, name, copyright, data protection rights, etc.). is not obliged to check the customer’s content and will not do this itself or through third parties. All consequences resulting from violations are borne by the customer himself and will also indemnify from all third-party claims resulting from such violations.

For reference and illustration purpose we have attached a standard draft of our SaaS agreement.
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