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The Chinese consumer electronics producer Hisense faced awareness issues and low visibility in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A main finding of a competitor benchmark revealed that the brand was behind competition in terms of volume and quality of consumer reviews. Hisense wanted to utilize the benefits of reviews better to improve visibility and conversion of shoppers, closing the gap with competitors. To improve their performance, we proposed to compile a Ratings & Review Playbook. We assessed and benchmarked their product review strategy, tactics, and activities.

Based on the information and findings our advisory team crafted recommendations and a strong roadmap. Roles and responsibilities got facilitated. Goals and KPIs to measure got defined. Activities to increase volume and quality of reviews got evaluated, prioritized, planned, and executed.

With the playbook and roadmap in place the velocity of decision making and activity execution increased significantly. New review processes and activities have been launched which helped to lower the average cost per review by ca. 36%. As an outcome Hisense decided to partner-up with us as their review lead agency.


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