Microsoft - Reviews In-store

Display and collect reviews at Point-of-Sales (POS)

Microsoft Switzerland wanted to increase the visibility of consumer reviews along the customer journey. A great opportunity was to showcase the opinions of their customers at one of the major touch points along the customer journey: ins-tore. At the same time the technology company wanted to offer the submission of reviews at POS. 

To enable the submission and display of reviews required a concept that included a review software, a digital signage solution including the right hardware. One2Five supported Microsoft from start-to-end. 

We developed a digital signage POS solution which combines product information including ratings and reviews, purchase incitements and feedback collection. Step-by-step scenarios offered consumers extensive how-to-tutorials. Interactive product comparisons help them to choose the right product for their needs. 

We measured among others positive effects on the retention rate of consumers on microsoft branded POS areas, sales conversion of Microsoft products at the respective stores, and an influx of reviews through a new touch point. 

Review Management and Advisory
Client Review:
"Fantastic to see the innovative approach that brought brick-and-mortal and digital together. One2Fives holistic perspective and broad experience helped us to think outside the box."

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