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How to tackle Google reviews

User reviews on Google are often the first impression users get when starting their customer journey. Our client wanted to understand the full potential of Google ratings. We evaluated the benefits for our client and how to best work with Google ratings. Why to generate reviews, how to generate them and where to publish Google ratings. 

The implementation of a company-wide Google review strategy included all necessary workflows as well as measures to train employees and to activate customers to create more positive reviews. 

Across 20 branches the review volume increased within the first months by approximately 28% while the average rating increased during the same short time from 3,7 to 4,0.

Förde Sparkasse
Banking Industry
Client Review:
"It was fascinating to see how much our staff appreciated the input and insights. With the new strategy and tools in place we not only became much better in generating Google reviews but also in using those as part of our sales and improvement processes."

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